The missions department is headed by the mission coordinator. He/she is responsible for all the groups that carry out mission work within the Christian union. He is also responsible in coordinating the mission’s activities within and outside the university. He works with the subcommittee comprised of five members who are attached with different roles. That is high school ministry, church ministry, hospital mission, and secretary and prayer coordinator within the missions department.

Some of the various ministries within the department are:


This is organised annually or once in every spiritual year. The department identifies the region and the church they would like to partner with in reaching out to the community. The church should have similar doctrines with those of the Christian union to avoid conflicting issues. After identifying the place, a pre visit is organised to find out how conducive the place is and to sit down with the partnering church to plan for the event. The mission’s coordinator together with his subcommittee draw the budget and the program to be applied during the event. This should incorporate the budget for the follow ups in order to ensure that the converts are well taken care of.


One of the Christian union objectives is to present Jesus Christ as lord and saviour to the students within the university with a purpose of leading them to a personal faith in Him. The mission department upholds campus evangelism to ensure every student in the university has come to a personal faith with Jesus Christ. This is done once in every spiritual year.


This is done every Sunday early in the morning. The mission team presents Christ Jesus to the sick while encouraging them. This is done in collaboration with the KMTC Kilifi,New Life Centre Church and the Nurses in the Kilifi District Hospital.


The mini mission is planned once in every spiritual year. It is done within Kilifi region. The mission department organises this and finds a church to partner with. The church must have similar doctrines as the Christian Union to avoid conflicts during the mission.

The mission department usually meets every Wednesday from 1pm to 1:40pm behind hostel 6. They meet to plan for hospital mission, evaluation on the progress of the department and praying and fasting while encouraging each other.