Creative ministry

It is a department in the Pwani University Christian Union commonly abbreviated as 'CM' and its members called 'CMers'. The ministry is compromised of approximately 60 members who are born again and zealous in their service to God. We have in oneness of mind and spirit worked on our friendship and together grown to be a family. The main objective of the existence of this ministry is to help identify, grow and nurture young talents promoting creativity and originality. The department is all-rounded; encompasses any Christian union member who is gifted and is ready to wholeheartedly make the best out of every opportunity God has granted them.

There are various subcommittees within Creative Ministry i.e dance, music, sports and drama+performing arts. Individuals are not restricted to serve in one sub-department rather encouraged to even participate in them all. They entail:

Dance department

This is a subsection under Creative ministry that deals with realization of dance potentials among the Christian union members who devote themselves to serving God through dancing. In this department obedience, organization, punctuality and most of all prayers are the core values that we uphold dearly as we strive to be like Christ in all our deeds. We don't take dance as an entertainment or 'place ya kubango' considering it comes from within rather where one focuses not on any mortal but ones focus and devotion is to God as you do your best. We do mime, local dance, Gospel hip hop, praise songs and lyrical dance. An encouragement from us is that you may not know how to dance but if you have the willingness to dance for Christ, the Creative ministry dance is the best place for you.

Music department

The music ministry focuses on developing individuals who appreciate the art of music in totality. We train interested individuals on vocals,stage presence and delivery as well as equipment handling. All in all we are glad to be used vessels all for the glory and honour of God.

Sports department

This is a docket of enthusiasm and great energy. Sports is a daily practice but in this docket, we organize different matches and sessions with the main goal of doing sports evangelism among the people who act as cheerleaders and the audience. It has been a really unique way of easily reaching out. Exercise is a vital factor of human composition and through weekend aerobics, the sports department has managed to keep most of the CU members fit.

Drama department

Hoyeee finally this is an interesting department just like the others mentioned-its a subcommittee with other subcommittees. In the drama department we have acting, poetry(spoken word, poem, shairis), individuals who are good in drawing and calligraphing not forgetting the journalism group.

In the journalism sub-department it encompasses media/article or journal writing, audio and visual arts which focuses on realtime as well as recorded presentations. Interviews in topics of interest are also an integral part of this ministry.

Our resources,in line with plays and skits are easily available. We have amongst ourselves been blessed with script writers hence we perform items that are prototypes. Again since acting is real life exaggerated a bit we try to effectively take in the characters one has been given to ensure that the message intended to reach it has the best way we could as we also remind each other that it's God's work that we are doing.


Creative ministry is generally a department that is engaging. We have some retreats at the beginning, mid or even at the end of the semesters for the purpose of getting to fellowship together as we bond.The PUCU has also given us a chance within a semester to have our Creative ministry weekends and we really cherish those moments and use that time with our talents to glorify God.